Grower of quality potted flowers, plants, herbs, and vegetables since 1966.


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Holiday Plants


We grow a wide variety of holiday potted plants including poinsettias for Christmas, lilies and flowering bulbs for Easter, as well as hydrangeas and azaleas for both Easter and Mother's Day.

Annuals, Herbs, and Vegetables


We grow a large selection of annual flowers in flats, hanging baskets, and patio pots. We raise potted herbs for both culinary and aromatic use, as well as a large selection of vegetable plants for your garden including heirloom tomatoes.

Cut Flowers and Produce


We grow a wide range of outdoor cut flowers including zinnias, celosia, and sunflowers.  We produce a large selection of vegetables, herbs, greens, and garlic throughout the summer which are available at select North Union Farmer's Markets.  


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Hansen's Greenhouse Inc.

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